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Meet the Trainers

Pauline Sharpe


Pauline is our full time Dog Whisperer.. A qualified Dog Behaviourist. She has a well deserved reputation for dealing with behaviour problems but also general puppy and dog obedience.

Obedience Instructor:
John O'Hare


John's enthusiasm, easy going manner, positive methods, makes his classes fun for both the dog and owner. John is currently studying to obtain a Diploma in Dog Training

Obedience Instructor:
Ryan Guntrip


Ryan originally came to our puppy class in Sept 2012 with his Rhodesian Ridgeback Milo. He is now a truly committed and valued member of the team.
Our Success Stories...

Sue Shields and Izzy
2 nd February 2012

I have been taking Izzy my German Wirehaired Pointer to Pauline’s classes since she was a puppy. I had forgotten how hard puppy training can be and had found Izzy to be a real challenge. Pauline’s classes are very welcoming, informative and good fun as well. Every week with Pauline’s encouragement I came away feeling that we would get there in the end.

"Do you dream of a well behaved, well socialised dog?
With Puppy Training from 12 weeks, Pet Obedience
for all dogs and expertise in Behavioural problems..
You too can achieve the perfect pet..."

Pauline Sharpe, Field of Dreams Dog Behaviourist

Puppy Training

One of the most important and beneficial things that you can do as a puppy owner is to attend a well run puppy class/ or lessons. Don't leave it too late, puppies learn incredibly quickly and early classes are beneficial in that it allows them to build social skills with people and other puppies/dogs in a controlled, safe and secure environment as well as learning all the basics of training.

Puppies are able to join a class when they are cleared by the vet after their final injection usually around 12 weeks. We cover temperament training, basic commands on cue such as sit, down, stand etc. The classes are designed to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable both for the puppy and the owner.

To quote from Dr. Ian Dunbar;

In reality, all aspects of obedience training may be accompanied at any time in the dog's life. Temperament problems, however, MUST be prevented during puppy hood.

Pet Training

These classes are designed for older puppies, adolescents, older dogs, and rescues which need basic training.

We use positive reinforcement techniques and gentle training methods so training is fun and stress free for you and your dog. Classes are limited in size to maximize your dog's learning experience and allow our instructors to provide personalized tuition.

Our Instructors have a wealth of experience in training dogs of all breeds, and are sympathetic to problems that owners may encounter.

Progression is made at the dog's pace, with the owner deciding just what they require from their pet. There is no pressure to complete tasks within a given timescale as we are fully aware that some dogs learn faster than others.

Behavioural Problems

Problems with dogs occur for all sorts of reasons, as with people, no two dogs are alike so it is important to understand why the dog is presenting such behaviour. and any advice, training programme etc.,, is tailored to the dog and their owner. 

Pauline has an excellent and well deserved reputation for helping dogs that have been re-homed, or rescued with behavioural issues. Dogs that were written off as hopeless cases are now enjoying life as well loved pets.

To quote Pauline:- "There is no greater reward for me than working with an owner and their dog, and to see that dog become a joy to own"


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