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Meet the Trainers

Agility Instructor:
Bob Sharpe


"Each year over 80% of our handlers have progressed to higher levels in the KC grading system, many reaching the highest grade and more from their modest starts in Grade 1." - Bob Sharpe

Agility Instructor:


With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a talent to express her ideas Evie is an invaluable member of the training team..   


It is the best workshop or training session I have ever been too.  The individual instruction and help was invaluable and I have never had that before.  Bob is such a 'nice' person and so patient... If Bob comes out to Australia again I'd like to be one of the first to put in for the Workshop! - Wendy Kelly & Quix

I've just finished the Bob Sharpe seminar and wow what an amazing experience. I attended all four days and was amazed at the transformation in dogs and handlers after each session. Bob was great at critiquing and perfecting technique at all levels and gave everyone loads of personal attention. - Bille

Just wanted to say thanks for organising the seminar today, I was so nervous before I came today very worried about working in front of a group but really enjoyed and was thrilled to see how wall me and Murphy were working together in the end. Bob was great and so patient with all of us.  - Chloe

I am just writing to say "Thank you" for today.
I had the best day and learnt SO much. I feel much more confident and would love it if you could put me on the email list for future workshop days. Please pass my thanks on to Bob. -
Anne Newman.


Build it and they will come - The words that haunted Kevin Costner in the 1989… film ”Field of Dreams”

Well in 2007 we built it and people came to help us make the proud boast that you read above.We are successful and each year over 80% of our students progressed to a higher level in the KC Agility performance banding.

We are successful because we teach strong foundation skills , and a consistent handling system,

We are successful because we create an environment that allows participants to improve by continually training at a level just outside their comfort zone,an environment where all your individual needs are identified and worked on at your own pace, and above all an environment where students and teachers have the shared goal of attaining the best possible performance from the handler/dog partnership that is achievable.

All levels are catered for from complete beginners to the top level competitors and class size is deliberately kept small to ensure individual attention is given in all cases where necessary. We teach a much practiced method that is the basis of our success and each instructor follows the same principles ensuring consistency of teaching throughout your progress.

All instructors compete at the highest level ensuring that anyone from new beginner onwards are taught the consistency needed to improve quickly and progress

If you would like to join the ever increasing number of successful handlers and work with friendly like-minded people, contact us today.

"We have all had days when we felt we let our dogs down in competition; but our dogs don't care about winning or losing. The only day you truly let down your dog is the day you put your ego first, instead of thanking the dog for the privilege of their effort".


Field of Dreams, Cleatham, North Lincolnshire DN21 4JL
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